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Amy Gong

Amy Gong

Patent & Trademark Attorney

Attorney at law

Areas of Practice

Ms. Gong is skillful in drafting application documents for patents in various fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical engineering, foodstuff and environmental engineering, and also excels in drafting responses to office actions in the substantive examination proceedings, in handling reexamination and invalidation cases, and in dealing with relevant administrative litigation concerning patents and making patent infringement analysis.

Education Background and Working Experience

Ms. Gong received her B.S. in Biotechnical engineering from Huaqiao University in 2003, and her M.S. in Biochemical engineering from Xiamen University in 2006. Ms. Gong worked as a patent attorney in one of top patent firms in Beijing after her graduation, and then joined SAEGUSA international patent firm in Osaka in 2009. In 2011, she went back to China and joined China Science patent and trademark office, and worked as vice director of chemical department. She dealt with a large amount of patent cases, including successfully handling some patent invalidation and infringement cases for various famous multinational companies.

Working Language

Chinese, English and Japanese