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Qiang Wang

Qiang Wang

Patent Engineer   
Areas of Practice

Mr. Wang is experienced in patent mining and drafting, and making response to office actions in the substantive examination proceedings with a focus in mechanics, engineering, electricity. Mr. Wang is also good at translation of patent literatures.
Education Background and Working Experience

Mr. Wang holds his B.S. in industrial electrical automation from University of Science & Technology Beijing and M.S. in information management from Shiga University. Mr. Wang worked in information center of Baotou Post Bureau, as an executive for three years. From 2007 to 2013, Mr. Wang worked as an executive at two Japanese companies successively. Afterwards, Mr. Wang joined an intellectual property company as a patent engineer where he dealt with a large number of patent cases for clients around the globe. Since 2015, Mr. Wang has been with Uni-Intel.
Working Language

Chinese, English and Japanese