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Professional Services

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·Domestic and international patent searches and surveillance;

·Patentability analyses and opinions;

·Legal opinions on patent infringements;

·Acting as attorney in filing and prosecution of Chinese patent applications, and of international filings of PCT applications with the Chinese Patent Office;

·Dealing with foreign-filings and prosecutions of patent applications abroad, including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, on behalf of domestic clients; 

·Requesting for re-examination of rejected Chinese patent applications and acting as attorney in invalidation procedure before the Patent Re-examination Board;

·Instituting administrative litigation before the competent courts against re-examination decision or invalidation decision made by the Patent Re-examination Board;

·Legal services in respect of patent disputes and infringements, including consultation, investigating evidences, acting in administrative and litigation proceedings for patent dispute resolution, etc.;

·Taking part in negotiations, drafting agreements and conducting investigations regarding to transfers or license of patent/technology, etc.;

·Acting as attorney in respect of any customs record and implementation of patent rights.