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Uni-intel Selected as a Well-known IP Service Agency of Beijing

On September 29, 2020, a list on the fifth-batch of well-known IP service agencies was published by the Beijing Intellectual Property Service Industry Association.  Uni-intel was honored to be selected into the list.

In 2018, the fifth-batch well-known IP service agencies cultivation units were selected and published by the Beijing Intellectual Property Office with a two-year cultivation.

When the cultivation period expires, in accordance with the "Beijing Fifth-Batch well-known IP Service Agencies Cultivation Rules", the Capital Intellectual Property Service Industry Association, Beijing Patent Agents Association, Beijing Trademark Association and Capital Copyright Association conducted an evaluation of the work effectiveness of the cultivation units through the submission of cultivation summary, preliminary review and expert review, 29 firms including Uni-intel were finally identified as the fifth-batch well-known IP service agencies.

Uni-intel is very grateful to Beijing Intellectual Property Office for its training and guidance. We will continue to improve our service quality and establish a good branding image.

(Published on 2020/10/10)

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