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Uni-intel Selected into "List of Bejing Local Firms with Strong Capabilities on International Intellectual Property Services"

On September 7, 2020, the Capital Intellectual Property Service Industry Association released a "List of International Intellectual Property Service firms stationed in Beijing" and a "List of Beijing Local firms with Strong Capabilities on International Intellectual Property Services"(Hereinafter referred to as the "List of Local firms").

Uni-intel was selected into the "List of Local firms" by virtue of years of experience in the international IP services and a stable comprehensive strength.

The "List of Local firms", supported by various intellectual property service firms and selected by experts, includes a total of 50 local IP firms in Beijing with strong capabilities on international intellectual property services. It aims to effectively improve the quality and capabilities of Beijing's international intellectual property services, and to boost the construction of Beijing as an influential technology innovation center in the world.

Uni-intel is honored to be in the list and will make persistent efforts to continuously improve international intellectual property service capabilities and service quality, help construction of local technological innovation, and provide effective intellectual property protection for domestic and foreign innovative enterprises.

(Published on 2020/09/17)

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