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UNI-INTEL Taking Actions to Prevent Epidemic

At the beginning of the new year, Novel coronavirus pneumonia has caused a wider outbreak in China and accordingly, epidemic prevention and control measures are being upgraded. Although epidemic is severe, we believe that we will win the battle against epidemic soon with joint efforts.

For better preventing the epidemic, UNI-INTEL  has actively taken preventive actions to ensure health and safety of staff, and to maintain normal operation of all businesses.

Information Collection
During Lunar new year holiday, UNI-INTEL required its staff to report their health condition, dates of leaving and returning to working cities (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen), means of transportation, Hubei contact history, etc.

Preparing preventive goods
In view of the lack of masks in China, UNI-INTEL Tokyo branch took the responsibility of masks purchase during the holiday. They went to many drugstores for masks and mailed them to China. Meanwhile, UNI-INTEL head office purchased disinfectants, hand sanitizer, alcohols, thermometers, etc.

Remote working
For effectively avoiding people from gathering and maintaining normal operation of all businesses, UNI-INTEL has implemented the work mode combining work from home and work on site.

Routine preventive measures
UNI-INTEL disinfects offices thoroughly, provides masks for the staff on site and monitors body temperatures of staff every working day as well as guides them in personal preventive actions.

(Published on 2/12 2020)

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