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Uni-intel attend AIPPI 2019 World congress

AIPPI 2019 World congress was held at QUEEN ELIZABETH II CENTRE, London, U.K. on Sep. 15-18. Uni-intel partner Gump Wang, Johnosn Ge and manager of international patent department Zhilian Su attended the grand congress.

The congress attracted over 2400 IP practitioners from over 100 countries and regions. It includes several sessions with diversified IP topics such as Patents and Artificial Intelligence, Consumer survey evidence and IP damages for acts other than sales.
Uni-intel team were invited to discussion and vote on the study of IP damages for acts other than sales.

During the congress, Uni-intel team had deeply communication with IP experts from the U.S., Europe, Japan, etc. around IP hot topics and international services.

( Published on 09/29 2019)

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