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Uni-intel exhibit at INTA 2019

141th INTA Annual Meeting was held at BCEC Boston, USA on May 18-22, 2019, which was attended by over 11000 people including company representatives and IP professionals from 150 countries and areas.

It attracted over 160 global exhibitors. As one of Chinese exhibitors, Uni-intel exhibited at INTA again.

Many attendees visited our booth and had communication with our team.

During the conference, we talked with counterparts from foreign associates in US, Europe, Japan and other countries and areas around deepening IP business cooperation, and IP development in their jurisdictions.

In recent years, Uni-intel has positively developed international business and established close cooperation with many foreign associates, which has greatly firmed the foundation of serving domestic enterprises in IP portfolios overseas.
Uni-intel will keep holding the service motto “Your IP Solution provider”, stay true to our original aspiration and strive forward for serving enterprise at home and abroad in IP.

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